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Providing You High Quality Home Care Solutions

We understand that the demands of daily living are often moving targets. No two situations are ever alike. That's why L-N-S In Home Care creates custom home service plans to meet your family's needs. Our caregivers receive rigorous training geared to enrich lives and form strong bonds. At all our locations, these trustworthy relationships are the standard of care. 

L-N-S In Home Care helps seniors remain safe and independent for as long as possible. We offer loving, quality in-home care services for a wide range of needs. When it comes to senior home care, we know there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our plans focus on the individual first. We create custom solutions to improve overall health and quality of life. 

We screen and train all caregivers to ensure they can uphold our high standards for senior care services. We'll work to provide you with the best fit possible in all situations. Part of our proprietary training is our Interactive Caregiving approach to care. This approach aims to connect clients with our caregivers on a more personal level. The reward in this is that it transforms the client relationship into one based on friendship and trust.

We care about your loved one, and want him or her to remain engaged in their own care. As a participant, your loved one might help prepare a favorite meal. This simple activity encourages socialization and conversation, which can help keep mental faculties sharp.  Also, we insure, and cover our caregivers under applicable laws.

Care plans are customizable, based on the health, needs, and wants of those in our care. Let's work together to craft your plan to fit your loved one's unique needs. Whether it's just a few hours per week, or continual around-the-clock care, we can find a solution. Schedule your in-home assessment today. We'll determine the best possible care plan to maximize your senior's vitality and longevity.

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